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A.R.T.® is a patented, soft tissue management system used to treat soft tissue conditions.  Soft tissue conditions are a very significant problem and are associated with many different injuries.  Over the years these type of injuries have been treated with a general form while not being specific enough to treat the injured area.  A.R.T.® takes a more in depth look as to what is going on with the tissues structurally and histopathologically.  The technique is very effective at evaluating the texture, movement and tension, in muscles, ligaments, tendon fascia and nerves.  This is done by analyzing the tissues manually and looking at motion not just in relation to the entire body, but also in relation to themselves and the adjacent tissues.

When we talk about soft tissue injuries, we mean all the non-bony tissues of the body (muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerve and fasica).  To treat the skeletal system and joints (bones) we use chiropractic adjustment. The soft tissue areas tend to be damaged through accidents or traumas, repetitive motion and/or surgery.  Once damaged, scar tissue formation will begin to occur.  The amount of scar tissue that will form as well as the length of time of formation, depends of the severity of injury.  It's a build up of scar tissue which can lead to pain, numbness, nerve entrapment, decrease range of motion and flexibility, postural misalignment as well as increase in potential risk for future injury.

There are over 500 hundred different A.R.T.® protocols to assess and treat different injuries associated with scar tissue.  This is achieved by locating the injured tissue and putting that tissue in a shortened position, then taking a very specific tension, lengthen that tissue to cause it to move or slide where motion wasn't occurring before.  By removing the soft tissue dysfunction of muscle spasm and scar tissue we can restore blood flow that will increase oxygen to the tissue and allow the body to heal.